McDan advocates for establishment of global consortium of salt producers

Executive Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, Dr Daniel McKorley, has emphasized the importance of tapping into key natural resources to propel industrialization among key African economies.

Addressing a gathering as the special guest of honour at the world’s biggest salt conference currently taking place in India, McDan shared insights about his salt mining firm Electrochem located in Ada-Songor.

He noted that salt mining presents a unique opportunity for Africa and other countries to generate revenue and boost export avenues. He therefore recommended the establishment of a global consortium for salt producers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies.

“I recommend for the establishment of a global consortium of salt producers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies to facilitate knowledge sharing, streamline supply chains, and mitigate potential shortages,” he noted.

Dr McKorley also touched on the critical role salt plays in various industries, particularly in the pharmaceuticals sector while urging sector players to ensure a stable supply of pharmaceutical sodium chloride – a key component for salt mining.

The McDan Group Chairman stressed on the adoption of new technological advancements to propel the salt industry while proposing for research and development to develop innovative salt harvesting techniques like automated mining, drone technology, and advanced purification methods.

“These advancements would not only ensure efficiency and productivity but also minimize the environmental impact of salt production,” he noted.

In conclusion, Dr McKorley emphasized the need for improved sustainable transportation solutions to enable easy movement of goods and people.

“These measures would contribute to meeting demand efficiently and cost-effectively while prioritizing environmental sustainability and expanding market opportunities”.

He also called for increased support for research and development initiatives to enhance the efficiency and scalability of solar salt production methods.


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