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Unlock the Flavor of Nature!!!

 Taste the Difference with Our Pristine Sea Salt. One of the oldest seasonings in the entire world, salt is used by everyone around the globe. We are proud to let you know that we produce the best sea salt from the lagoons of Ada-Ghana in West Africa. The taste of our product is celestial. You can get guaranteed high-quality sea salt in sizes that fit better in your business. We offer all types of sea salt that will meet your taste.

Unquestionably, we are able to meet your needs, our production never stops. Two hundred and fifty metric tons of healthy white salt is processed in our factories every day. Additionally, our clients have different packaging options as well, 25kg sacks and a 50kg sacks, and all salt bags are branded with the client’s brands.

 These bags are then loaded into your shipping containers by following high standards. We desire to retain the quality of the product throughout the shipping route, for that reason, our salt bags are laminated and waterproof for maximum protection. The capacity of a 20 feet container is 27.5 metric tons, in which, you can transport 1100 salt bags weighing 25kg each

We are a company that has a deep experience and know-how in salt export. We’ve been meeting the necessities of our clients from many countries like Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo.


We honorably guarantee our services because we handle each stage of the manufacturing process with care and we follow all technical protocols and standards demanded by international bodiesAll our products are made with good quality raw materials and we take care of every minimum detail.

By buying our products, you have acquired one of the best products with the best price on the international market. We’re always committed to high quality and we work hard to provide our customers’ demands and satisfaction. For that reason, if you need a different size of salt, you can request a custom order.

"Understanding of our responsibility to our customers grows, as we provide excellent products with a level of service and expertise you won’t find anywhere else."

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